Batty's Moth Hunt

Batty's Moth Hunt was the first game and one of the first programs I ever wrote. It's written in Scratch, a block style, learner programming language created by MIT. If you have someone interested in programming, I highly recommend pointing them to this language as a first try. It was a fun experience that got me excited to learn more programming with more useful languages.

For this game, which works in browser for PC users, you play as a bat with the goal of hunting down moths for dinner using echo-location to find your prey. All the while you must avoid the scary owl hunting you down for his dinner. Aim your mouse where you'd like Batty to travel and press space bar to use his echolocation powers to reveal moths and the owl in the night sky.

Note: To play you will need to access this page from a computer (not phone) and enable "Flash" for this webpage.

Sorry, this game won't work in mobile. Try later on your computer.