Welcome to Verdant Fox!

Welcome! In this portfolio web-app, I’ve put together a couple of projects I’ve worked on while learning new programming skills. You can read a little bit about the mini-apps in their descriptions and click on them to try them out. I’ll be adding more apps and updating these ones as I learn more concepts and think of ideas for new fun or interesting apps.

Below the app descriptions you can find some of the more important (in my opinion) skills I’ve learned while studying software development. And finally there is a section where I give a bit of description of myself and include updates on my software development studies and career. Thanks for taking a look, enjoy!

"Whatever good things we build end up building us."

--Jim Rohn

"Whatever good things we build
end up building us."

--Jim Rohn



In this app, once logged in, you will be given virtual cash with which to "fake buy" stocks. These stocks, however, are representations of real stocks on the actual stock-market, updated in real time.

This app can be thought of as a practice round for real world stock market trading. You will be able to look up quotes for stocks, buy and sell stocks, and view graphs of how stocks have performed over time to make informed buying and selling decisions. Although you will be given $10,000 initially, you can add virtual money to your account using a credit card (please don't use your actual credit card, fake cards are provided).

I hope you like this introduction to stock finance. Now, let's trade some stocks!


Games are fun! They are fun to build and fun to play. They can be an exciting conduit to learning new programming languages or new programming techniques. Here are a few of the games I've built over the course learning to program that have allowed me to learn interesting new concepts.

In this app I have 3 games for display. The first, Batty's Moth Hunt is a game built with MIT's Scratch, a learning language. Play as a bat, hunting down moths in the night while running from the scary owl. Then we have Twisted Towers, a tower defense game built with Pygame, a python library. Build towers to fend off the horde of enemies trying to take your castle. Finally, there's Connect 4, the classic board game (built with Python) where you try to connect 4 of your chips in a row, playing against my AI, Mr. Roboto. Good luck!


Here you will find a series of mini-apps I created that perform some simple, fun tasks. These were little ideas I created for classes or that I thought up and thought "That would be fun to create or could be useful in some context". Then I spent a couple hours each writing them up and testing them.

Additionally, these were the first "apps" I wrote for this Django website, and since they were conceptually simple to create and implement, they were useful for helping me figure out some of the mechanics of the app which can be difficult to wrap one's head around when learning for the first time, like how to make requests, work with forms, and other seemingly trivial tasks that take longer than you'd like when learning something new.

Always striving for improvement.

Looking for opportunities wherever they lie.


Python Bash Linux XQuery XML MarkLogic Pandas Django Flask Git Bootstrap Javascript HTML5 CSS3 JQuery SQLite

Face challenges head on.

Let's build something great together.


Theodore Fox Williams

Theodore Williams

Software Developer

Python | Front-End | Back-End

Hello! My name is Theodore Fox Williams. I started learning to code in 2017 to become a software developer and I am loving every minute of it. Currently I am an API developer for Catalyst Repository Systems. In this capacity I work on the back-end, interfacing with our MarkLogic NoSQL database. My primary languages I use at my job are Python, Bash, and XQuery. I really enjoy problem solving and figuring out how I can use new techniques and technologies to build useful applications. I recently attended the PyCon, 2018 Python conference in Cleveland where I met a lot of the Python community, a fantastic group of people doing really cool work. After hearing about all the latest updates and newest technologies and libraries, I'm really excited to work on my projects with new ideas and a fresh perspective.

A bit about me. I am an intensely curious individual -- I want to know how things work. I have a passion for testing what I learn by developing intriguing software applications. I'm excited for challenges and I love to learn new languages, libraries and project designs. Regardless of the project I'm working on, I like to spend time keeping informed of the latest technologies, and I'm always looking for how to inject new concepts and ideas into my projects. I really enjoy collaborating with others on cool projects. I love learning from others and teaching new concepts I've learned to those interested. I've really benefited from some great mentors in my life and as such I'm looking to mentor individuals new to programming. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk about a project, a problem, or anything else on your mind.