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Vim beginners guide and cheat sheet

July 14, 2021 / 12 min read / 919 , 1 , 0

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The command line text editor vim is popular in the world of programming, and for good reason. It can be found on nearly any Unix (and often Windows) system, making it ideal for loading into remote machines and making quick edits to files. It is also very powerful in the right hands. If you watch an expert vim user code with vim, the cursor is bouncing all over as they quickly write or edit their files, all without ever touching a mouse...

I am not one of those people. I picked up vim out of necessity while working on remote hosts without access to a GUI text editor (I'm partial to VS Code). But since I needed to use vim, I wanted to get better at it, so I took a vim Udemy course, and I've been using what I've learned to get a little more efficient in vim. If you're a vim beginner, this post will teach you the commands I found most useful while learning vim. And if you're a casual vim user like me, this post can serve as a cheat sheet reminder for all the vim commands you and I will continue to forget.